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Four Locations | 600,000 square feet  | Three Major Highways | Direct Rail Access

Our warehouses can provide storage options for your long and short-term needs.


United Freezer & Storage Youngstown facility is conveniently located within 1/4 mile of I-680 and within 1 mile of I-11 & I-80.

Our Locations

With over 600,000 sq ft on 36 acres we can meet the needs of nearly any company seeking cold, dry or even outdoor space for the short term and long term. Our fully secure facilities can also accommodate nearly 50 trailers with indoor and outdoor docking spaces. 

600 n meridian_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

650 N. Meridian Road

Youngstown, Ohio


  • 400,000 sq ft

  • Less than one mile from I-80

  • One-quarter mile from 1/4 mile of I-680

  • Over 20 acres of dry, cooler, freezer, garage and office space

  • 35 docks and privatized rail siding for unloading and transloading rail with YARR Railway

Image by Remy Gieling

600 N. Meridian Road

Youngstown, Ohio

  • 132,000 sq ft of dry storage and office space 

  • 15 outdoor docks and 2 drive-thru truck docks

  • 23-foot ceilings

  • Secured lot

Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara

555 N. Meridian Road

Youngstown, Ohio

  • 114,000 sq ft on 16 acres

  • One mile from I-80

  • Various warehousing options including dry, cooler, freezer and office space

  • 14 loading docks

  • YARR rail access 

Image by Jacques Dillies

521 Shenango Avenue

Sharon, Pennsylvania

  • 34,000 sq ft of fenced-in cooler space

  • Four miles from I-80

  • 4 outdoor truck loading docks

  • Secured lot

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